Porthop Terms of Use for users of the marina.

1. Accepting the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are a collection of regulations for users of the Porthop Android (link) and iOS (link) applications, the www.getporthop.com website, and all content in the aforementioned applications and website, owned by Porthop d.o.o. (ltd.), OIB (pin): 02584785319.

These Terms of Use refer to all marina users (hereinafter: sailors) who use Porthop d.o.o. services in order to reserve a mooring spot in any marina within the Porthop Ltd. system of services.

By using our services you accept these Terms of Use.

2. Services

Our services include the Porthop Android and iOS applications and the www.getporthop.com website, which are used to reserve mooring spots in marinas listed in our system. Our services simplify the communication and making business arrangements between sailors and marina owners.

Porthop offers reservation services through partnerships with marinas and handles issues with payment, entering information, speed, and similar.

Porthop does not offer mooring services or docking in marinas of any time, and does not bear responsibility for any issues caused by marinas.

Marinas on Porthop can be suggested based on available capacity, distance, or popularity, but never based on marina security. The sailor is fully responsible for their choice of marina.

Services of mooring, tidiness, security and personnel are NOT Porthop services, but are service of the marina listed on Porthop. For any dissatisfaction caused by the port, Porthop invites all of its users to appropriately rate the marina in our application and on our website.

Porthop will not participate in any disputes between the sailor and the marina.

3. Access to services, security and content

Porthop applications can be downloaded on the services provided by the operating system used by the sailor (Play Store or App Store), and the website is available at www.getporthop.com. Porthop is not responsible for temporary or long-term services unavailability.

A username and password are standard user verification methods, and the user must protect their information. Porthop does not bear responsibility for potential hacks or information theft.

The contents of Porthop services are purely informational in nature, and Porthop is not responsible for information accuracy. Porthop keeps the right to ban or limit a user’s access to its services at any moment and without providing an explanation.

4. User information

Porthop services require user information in order to:

  • determine the price of mooring
  • forward the information about the boat and crew to marinas,
  • enable the marinas to secure an appropriate mooring spot for the user’s boat.

The user (sailor) is required to fill in all the information required by Porthop and guarantee for the accuracy of the information. If the information is wrong, Porthop can suspend the user and ban them from further use of its services. Porthop can edit user information if it is proven to be wrong.

5. Payment, prices and refunds

By accepting these Terms of Use, the user understands that reserving a mooring spot using Porthop means being charged for mooring services by the selected marina.

Porthop generates prices based on the current prices of the marina, and based on boat specifications entered by the user. The user pays using the payment method selected in their account. If the user information used to calculate the price is proven wrong, the marina keeps the right to charge for the difference based on the wrong user information.

By reserving a mooring spot, Porthop automatically charges your account on behalf of selected marina, and the user receives an invoice via e-mail.

It is not possible to receive a refund for services purchased via Porthop unless they are subject to cancellation terms, and in the case of the marina not providing the paid mooring spot. If an error is made by the marina and its inability to provide the paid service, Porthop will refund the user the entire sum in addition to an “error fee”, a specific amount of money that acts as an apology from the marina and Porthop.

For payment processing, Porthop uses external services such as Stripe or Braintree. By making a reservation using Porthop, the user also accepts the terms of use of those services.

6. Cancellation terms

The sailor is not able to cancel their reservation using Porthop, but Porthop keeps the right to cancel a user’s reservation as described below.

Porthop keeps the right to cancel a reservation at any moment until 24 hours before the closing of the “booking time”, for any reservation made at least 24 hours before the closing of the booking time.

For any reservations made within 24 hours before booking time, Porthop can cancel the reservation up to 1 hour after it is made, via e-mail, sms or by phone.

For any reservations cancelled in the aforementioned ways, Porthop makes a full refund to the user.

For any reservations cancelled in any other way (delayed cancel, or cancel without appropriate communication with the user), Porthop makes a full refund to the user in addition to an error fee that is 10% of the paid reservation.

7. Complaints

The user can send any potential complaints via e-mail at [email protected]

Porthop d.o.o., as the mooring reservation service provider, will make an effort to provide the agreed services and to correct any potential errors, as well as to consider the complaint in accordance with good business practices and these Terms of Use.

Any disputes with Porthop d.o.o. will try to be settled with an agreement between the involved parties. If an agreement cannot be reached, the court in Rijeka will have jurisdiction to adjudicate any disputes.

8. Booking time and check-in time

The user can use the reservation service for the duration of the booking time.

Booking time is the time in which it is possible to reserve a mooring spot for a specific boat in a specific period.

The start of the booking time for a particular marina in a specific period starts up to several months before the chosen date, and the end time depends from marina to marina.

Most marinas maintain the end of the booking time between 9:00 and 17:00 for any reservations for that day.

Check-in time is the final time when a user must enter the marina in order to use their reservation.

Check-in time also varies from marina to marina, but it is typically between 14:00 and 21:00 for that day.

If the sailor makes a reservation for several day, but they do not arrive until the end of the check-in period of the first day, they lose the right to use their reservation for that day, but can still use the remaining paid days by arriving to the marina within the designated check-in time.

9. Prohibited uses

It is strictly forbidden to copy any content within our services for any use not previously approved in writing by Porthop.

It is forbidden to use any kind of “robot” applications of software of any kind that can influence our systems.