What is PortHop?

PortHop is an online berth booking system. PortHop is here to make your stay on sea more pleasurable by offering a list of ports where you can book and pay your berth online and have more time on the sea while being sure your berth for the night is waiting for you.

What does PortHop offer me?

Location-based, structured and manually-researched information for best marinas and berths with available spots and prices in Croatia. Additional info about the most beautiful bays for anchoring, gas stations etc.

What is a "Trips"?

"Trips" is log where you can track your past trips and see the future bookings you made. This way you can review your trip and have all info regarding places and dates you visited or plan to visit.

How do I enter boat information?

When you create your profile you will be asked to enter your boat info. Please make sure the info you enter is correct.

Can I edit boat information?

Yes, simply go to your profile, click Edit next to "Boat" and edit info you wish to change. After editing click "SAVE".

How does Search work?

Click on "Search" (magnifying glass symbol). You can choose to search by name on top of the screen or you can browse through a list of marinas that are geographically closest to you. Once you find wished marina click on it to get more info or complete booking.

How do you charge me?

Depending on your booking and marina. With most independent marinas you will make a payment through the app and you will not have to pay in the marina for your stay. With ACI marinas PortHop app will freeze amount on your card for the amount you need to pay in a marina, after you make payment in ACI marina amount will be released.

How can I see in Explore what is located near the place I am searching?

To see all of the POIs near the place you are searching, you need to zoom in or out of the map section until it covers the area you wish to see. Then click on „Reset location filter“ to see all of the POIs in this map section.

How do I know which marinas have gas stations?

Its very simple, next to every pin that has a black symbol of the gas station is where you can find a gas station for your boat.

What is the cut off time for reservation for the same day?

Each marina has its own rules, but most are until Noon for the same day.

By what time I need to show at the berth I reserved?

Please arrive within the check-in time that is written in the reservation confirmation. Most of the marinas check-in time is around 19:00 hours.

What if I do not show up and I made a reservation?

You will not get refunded if you do not show up since the berth was reserved for you.

What if I have technical problems and I can not reach the marina I made a reservation?

Please contact us as soon as possible in that case so that we can cancel your reservation if possible.

Where can I contact you?

Please contact us via email: [email protected], phone number: +385989878779

I would like to receive the newsletter. What do I need to do?

Simply send us an email: [email protected]

Can I see what amenities are offered int he marina I wish to book?

Yes, when you click on any marina you will be able to see amenities that are available.

Do you offer any info regarding approach?

Yes, when you click on any marina or anchorage you will be able to see Berth&Approach section that gives you info about the approach, sheltered winds, and other important info.

In case I need any additional info from the marina how can I contact them?

Click on marina you wish to contact and scroll down to telephone, email or VHF symbol click on it and you will be provided with contact information.

How can I see a real photo of the marina or anchorage?

Click on marina or anchorage you are interested in and in top right corner click on a symbol of a photo, a map with change to a real photo.

How do I choose a date I wish to book?

Click on a marina you wish to book, click on "Arrival&Departure", choose the date you wish to book.

Can I book ahead?

Yes, you can.

I have forgotten my password.

On the login page, you will find the “Forgot password?”. Click this link and simply follow the instructions.

How can I log out?

In order to log out, click on your profile, at the bottom you will find the “Log out” link.

Can other users see my activities on PortHop?

No, they can not.